Landscape Services


Have something good you’d like to make great?

We’ll install and maintain your shrubs, trees, and annual and perennial beds. We’ll also take care of your weed and insect control, and because we’re big fans of keeping the planet healthy and beautiful, we’ll use green, organic products whenever and wherever we possibly can.


Ready to create something new?

We have decades of experience imagining and bringing to life beautiful installations, and owner Liz Curtis will work hand-in-hand with you to design your landscape to be as colorful and easy-to-manage as possible. There’s no project too ambitious, and we can offer the guidance you need to execute it perfectly.


Need help keeping tabs on your landscaping investments?

We’ll address any current problems with your gardens—including deer damage, drainage issues, proper plant placement, damaged irrigation, soil fertilization, necessary tree removal and erosion—and take steps to keep them from happening in the future.

Our Guarantees

If you could boil our mission down to one single phrase, it would be, without a doubt: “Make it beautiful.” It’s simple, but it’s what drives us to do great work, and you can rest assured that we’ll bring that mindset to every project we’re a part of.

Regardless of your project, you’ll get extensive consulting services throughout your contract. We truly have a passion for creating beautiful gardens, and we’re always excited to channel that passion into our clients’ landscapes. So whether you have an idea in mind of what you’d like, or no idea at all where to begin, we’re happy to offer our knowledge and experience to make the process simple and enjoyable.

We also understand that managing a landscape often takes more than a single contractor. In our experience, if contractors don’t work in cooperation, important tasks are forgotten, overlooked or ignored.

We understand the frustration that comes along with that, so rather than have you play the middle man, we’re happy to communicate and coordinate with all contractors directly ourselves. We find this is the best way to make sure everything gets done, and gets done well, which keeps your gardens (and your investments) healthy.


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